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Computer Use Rules

Where can I use the computers?

  • Adult Department (PC Center and CIT Lab) - 18 yrs. old and above
  • Teen Corner - 8th grade through 12th grade
  • Junior Department - pre-school through 7th grade

One person to a computer. However, group use may be allowed with Library Staff permission.

How do I get to use a computer and for how long?

USE OF THE LIBRARY'S COMPUTERS IS FREE and on a 1st come, 1st serve basis.

  • All users must use their own library card to use the Library's computers. You may not use someone else's card.
  • All users without a library card may purchase a visitor pass to use the Library's computers.
  • Library card holders may use the computers up to 2 hours per day. If you forget your library card you may purchase a visitor pass.
  • Visitor Passes may be purchased for 1 dollar. This fee is non-refundable. Each pass may be used for up to one hour.
  • Internet stations can be used for 1 hour in the PC or Teen Center and 30 minutes in the Junior Department.
  • Word Processing stations can be used for 1 hour at a time. These PCs have no internet access.
  • If the need arises, time may be extended at Staff discretion.
  • If you are the next one on the list and fail to log in within 5 minutes, you forfeit your turn.
  • All computers are shut down 30 minutes before the library closes.

How much does printing cost at the Main Branch?

  • 10 cents/page
  • Patrons deposit money onto their SAM account via payment workstation and use it to pre-pay for printing.
  • Note: The Library does not issue refunds for money deposited on library cards or visitor passes. As visitor passes expire every day, patrons should not deposit more money than is needed to print.

Where can I get a flash drive?

Flash drives can be purchased at the Info Desk.

*** Special Notes ***

  • Users may use their own flash drive or CDs in the library's computers as long as it is in good physical condition.
  • Users may NOT save data or programs on the hard drives of the library's computers.
  • Users may NOT alter or attempt to alter the setup of the library's computers.
  • Users are liable for damage to equipment caused by inappropriate or unauthorized use.
  • Misuse of the Library's computers may result in the suspension or loss of the privilege to use them.
  • Users must adhere to these rules and our Internet Policy or lose the privilege to use the Library's computers.
  • Users must use discretion. Some internet sites are not appropriate for general viewing in the Library.
  • Unless arranged for in advance, the Library's computers are not for use for class visits or for large groups.
  • Special arrangements may be made at the Info Desk to accomodate individual needs.
  • The Library assumes NO RESPONSIBILITY for damages to personal equipment arising from using the library's computers.
  • Due to privacy and confidentiality issues, library staff will not fill out forms (or like material) that pertains to personal information. This includes but is not limited to: job applications, credit reports, or online shopping.