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Teen Happenings


Teens are Cooking
Put your chef hat on! Join our East Orange ShopRite dietician and chef Ms. Sally for healthful, delicious and easy recipes.

Young Men Speak Out!
With the help of a mentor, young men discuss issues of concern in their lives: finding a job, personal growth, relationships and more.

Green Teens
Teens plant & cultivate a fruit and veggie garden at the library. We'll cook & eat the produce too!

Teen Movie
Relax at the library with a new movie. This month's selection: Insurgent.

Teen Stuff

...Teen Rules

New Comics!

Flame of Recca Flame of Recca
Meet Recca Hanabishi, a regular high-school kid who hopes one day to become a ninja, and whose life is unexpectedly thrown for a loop the day he meets a cute and mysterious girl named Yanagi.
East Orange Public Library - 21 South Arlington Ave., East Orange, New Jersey 07018 - (973) 266-5600