Surplus Furniture and Equipment

The Director and/or Assistant Director shall be responsible for the sale or disposal of all library furniture and equipment that is no longer of any use to the Library or any of its branches. Department Heads will be responsible for reporting to the Director any items that need to be disposed of and for filling out the appropriate forms. If it is determined that the items are in a saleable condition, they can be stored until enough items are gathered to have a sale of the surplus furniture and equipment. The Director will prepare a resolution for the Board’s consideration to declare items “Surplus Property” so that the items can be sold.

Purchases will not be permitted by the Director, Assistant Director, Finance Department Staff, Members of the Board of Trustees and immediate family members of the above. Surplus property may be sold to the general public or staff.

Notification of the sale will be posted on public bulletin boards in the Library and in news releases sent to community newspapers. The notification will advise potential buyers that items will be sold as is with no guarantee and must be removed at their own expense by a specified deadline.

Surplus property may also be discarded if it is deemed to be in such poor condition that it is not worth storing until a sale is held. Items that may be difficult to sell to the general public may be sold to scrap metal dealers, liquidators or auction houses.

A price will be established by the Director and/or Assistant Director (referencing the age, condition and original inventory price) and these items will be sold to the first person presenting payment. All surplus furniture and equipment will be disposed of in accordance with New Jersey Statutes and regulations.

Approved by the Board on 9/12/02.